Investing in groundbreaking tech to change the world. With Katie Rae.

August 30, 2021 TOA is a community for tech professionals looking for knowledge exchange and collaboration.
Investing in groundbreaking tech to change the world. With Katie Rae.
Show Notes

Supporting big tech and breakthrough technologies that will have a beneficial impact on society should be no.1 in getting investment and support. Our next guest is pushing this to the forefront.

Katie Rae joins us on the podcast this week, the CEO and managing partner at MIT’s The Engine. The engine was launched to offer a secure and supported pathway to ‘tough tech’ innovators working on solutions to serious and difficult challenges that would help to change the world. 

Rae has a very impressive resume from building significant internet businesses to being hailed ‘the veteran’ of investing and tech innovation. She also founded two companies in Boston and Cambridge as the icing on the cake.  

They spoke about the unprecedented interest in tech, climate change, and ultimately entrepreneurship because of the pandemic. She also reveals the three things for what she looks for when helping a company at The Engine - the founding team and standing by their product is number one. 

Rae's optimism and devotion to the innovative field to fund programs and founders to create a high impact change is incredible. They also discuss The Engine’s accountability for representing underrepresented founders, market dynamics, and corporate innovation.

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