The state of crypto in the brave new (decentralised) world. With Lasse Clausen.

November 10, 2021 TOA is a community for tech professionals looking for knowledge exchange and collaboration.
The state of crypto in the brave new (decentralised) world. With Lasse Clausen.
Show Notes

In this recorded live conversation crypto heavyweight Lasse Clausen joined Niko Woischnik for an important fireside conversation, followed by a live Q&A with questions from the audience.

The cryptospace has developed exponentially in only a few, but monumental, years. Important developments in the crypto economy are forever changing so it’s important to constantly keep in the know… including who the front-runner is in the race to decentralise the world.

Lasse is the founding partner of 1kx, an early-stage token fund with a mission to be the most founder-friendly and helpful source of early-stage capital for tokenised projects. He started out as a software entrepreneur and through exploring, curiosity and making an early leap from Bitcoin to Ethereum, he’s a key player in the crypto industry.

1kx has made multiple investments in soon-to-be key players, for instance, NIFTEX raised $500k Seed Round led by 1kx and more recently Nym (valued at $6m) and Connext (valued at $12m).


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